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Monkey Bread

2 loaves white bread, uncooked (freezer section of grocery store)
1 stick melted butter (add more if needed)
2 cups sugar
2 tablespoons cinnamon

Thaw bread dough overnight in refrigerator. When soft, use kitchen scissors
to cut it up into one inch pieces. Dip dough into melted butter, then roll
around in sugar/cinnamon combination until covered. Line bottom of a bundt
pan and then start to layer in evenly. Cook at temperature recommended on
dough packaging for about one hour until golden brown and hard on the top.
Remove from oven and flip over on to a larger platter. Let sit with pan on
top for a few minutes while the sweet mixture runs down the bread. Garnish
with holly, marichiano cherries, candied nuts, icing, or decoration of your
choice. To eat, pick apart - like monkeys.



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