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Classy Dishes for Classy Affairs

If you’re throwing a black tie reception or even having some important guests over to your house, you’ll want to prepare food that’s exquisite, delicious, and impressive.  These are not the times for hot dogs on toothpicks or spray cheese on crackers.  Instead, you’ll want to focus on some particulars, notably food selections that cater to sophisticated palates and conform to expectations of luxury dining. 

That may sound overwhelming, but it’s easier than you’d think.  If you can just keep these few essential tips in mind, you should be prepared, no matter what’s thrown your way come party time.

Caviar assortment

It’s all in the name…
Beyond the food itself, what plays most into our expectations is the idea behind the food.  Just like the term ‘Happy Meal’ evokes ideas of cheap food from a fast food restaurant that comes with a toy, ‘Cabernet Sauvignon’ evokes images of high class restaurants and excellent service. 

It doesn’t matter if that was the best kid’s meal or the worst bottle of wine ever; what matters, instead, is how such items are perceived.  If you serve caviar at your event, for instance, people will be impressed. 

After all, caviar isn’t often served at backyard barbecues and casual house parties, so those guests who determine that will feel particularly happy that they were invited to an event where caviar is served.  Likewise, if you only leave bags of potato chips out along with some cans of Diet Coke and Pepsi, you’re bound not to make that black tie gala one to remember (at least not for the right reasons).

Keep things small…
Bigger is better if you are 100% sure you know what you’re dealing with.  If you don’t, you’d probably be best avoiding overkill.  Think of appetizers, for instance.  Small appetizers are beneficial to both you and your guests. 

It makes for less work on your part, while also leaving the guest with less to worry about.  If his serving tastes terrible for him to some reason, he can easily (and without guilt) toss out a small cracker.  He would have a much harder time throwing away an entire plate of something he didn’t like.  Smaller sizes invite flexibility, and no one wants to attend a rigid party.


Don’t forget the flavor…
At least one item during the night should really pack a punch, something so memorable that it doesn’t matter if everything else you served was mediocre.  Deciding what to serve is up to you, but make sure it’s spectacular, so your party’s remembered for being just as spectacular as the food was in the end.



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